Hi, I am Sonny and I have been taking photos most of my life, I bought my first slr camera on a holiday to America when I was 21, so quite a number of years ago. The photo is me on my old horse, Reign. I love this photo that my sister took for me before he went to a new home.

I competed and was a steward in a local country show with a group of local ladies for a number of years. We also went on photography outtings where I had lots of fun and learnt to improve my photos. I attended a Pony Club event a few years ago where I met a fantastic lady, Nicole Lockyer who introduced me to the world of horse show photography.

I have had horses most of my life so combining these two loves has been wonderful. I get my horsey fix and have further improved my camera and editing skills.

I love to capture those moments that you want to keep forever. In a world of electronics I am passionate about people having quality prints and artwork to look at and hang on your walls so that they can be admired and treasured forever. Digital images are great but they can be lost and are rarely looked at past the first few views so having a tangible print of those special photos is really important.

I also love taking landscape photos and they are available on this website for you to enjoy.

Your photoshoot will be a fun and memorable experience and I will produce images that you enjoy in a style that suits you. I can capture your pets, portraiture, special occasions, sporting and more.

Have a look at my work on the portfolio tab and contact me via the contact tab and I will get back to you as soon as I can.