Copyright is a well-known word, however in this day and age of facebook, twitter and many other media sites, copyright is often infringed.

Generally the photographer, the person who takes the photo is the owner of the copyright of the photograph. This means you cannot reproduce, copy, paste, edit or alter a photo without the permission of the copyright owner.



The copyright of my photography is generally owned by myself unless there is a contract that says otherwise.


The world of photography is a tough one these days with phone cameras and great affordable cameras everywhere and posting to multi-media sites so accessible. The photographer invests a lot of money into cameras, computers and software to be able to produce great images for you to enjoy. The photographer also invests a lots of time shooting in all kinds of weather and then hours editing and uploading photos to websites for your easy access and enjoyment.


Taking screenshots of images is stealing! The share button can be used to share your photo before you purchase as this will link back to this website.



Please remember that photographers put a lot of time, love, money and effort into producing photos for you to enjoy and can only continue to do so if respected and supported by yourselves.